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If you have ever thought about creating a monthly recurring Membership Program around your business or message, then this is a training you don’t want to miss.

Here are the details:

• The training is called “MY Membership Program

• It’s being offered by Robert Evans with App Bros Design, who is a veteran in the digital marketing space building successful digital marketing businesses the last 20 years.

• What makes this training so unique is all of his work focuses how to use Mobile Apps to deliver your message and get 10 times better results. So this training will focus on building a membership program and why you would want to launch and deliver it through a mobile app.

• The training is held over 3 days with each training being 2-hours long (not all day trainings, so that’s good news)

• The live training is now complete but you can access the full training for free up through the end of June. Register for access on this page.

Here is the focus of the three training days:

Day 1 Focus: The different types of membership programs you can create, build and charge for – examples and strategies for each

Day 2 Focus: How to design, build, price and deliver your membership program so people stay involved and get the greatest value from your business (emphasis on using mobile apps)

Day 3 Focus: How to market your program, get sales, JV, affiliates, viral marketing and keep people wanting more and inspire them to promote it for you.


Your Host:
Robert Evans


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Come to to learn how to move your business and message into the mobile app space and properly market and profit from the most powerful platform out there.

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On [DATE] we will be in [CITY] sharing our expertise on [EXPERTISE] at a very unique event called AMPx - the App Marketing and Profit Experience. If have not explored mobile apps as a platform for your business yet, then I highly recommend you check out his incredible 2-day event at

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The mobile app space is the most powerful marketing platform available to authors, speakers, coaches and experts today, however most experts are not leveraging apps yet as a marketing medium. On [DATE] in [CITY] we will be one of experts talking about connecting your books to apps in an event that teaches you everything you need to know about moving into the app space. Check out for more details

Networking "Pitch":

Have you considered moving your business or message into the up-and-coming Mobile App Space?The biggest challenge for small business experts and messengers is, quite frankly, the cost. Then there's leveraging this powerful platform by understanding how to reach more people, to generate new clients and make money with this amazing technology.What makes this worth the effort? Wouldn't growing your business opposite of everyone on Facebook... who struggle for exposure, be of value?To set yourself apart with cutting-edge technology that acts like a laser in targeting your market...wouldn't that be of value?And, keeping all the ads and distractions away? Another value.Sure, you say...but the cost of My Own personal or even community app is exorbitant...until NOW. Even Tony Robbins has a cookie-cutter App. You can do better! [SHOW FLYER]At the AmpXEvent coming to _______________ you will learn how launching your own app is not only possible and simple, but so affordable. Experts will be there guiding you in how to use this powerful tool, how to strategize it into your marketing plan for an expansive result, and following up with continued support.Thank you.
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How to Access Event Recordings & Other Content

If you were not able to attend the live calls or want to review the recordings of our speakers then please follow these instructions to access the recordings from this event (all recordings are directly added into our Expert Marketing App, email with questions):

1). Open the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device & find "The Expert Marketing App", then download the App - it's free! (NOTE: after opening, make sure to accept notifications so we can quickly connect with you)

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4). Once you do that, a section in the "Topics" menu area of the app will be unlocked called "My Membership Pro Training". Expand that, click the videos to watch, which are split into parts for each day

5). That's it! From then on, each day we do a call those calls will be instantly available LIVE through the App in that section

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